Tending Friendships

We sit together
Laughter, chatter. Friendships grow
If you tend to them.

Friendships are something we often take for granted. We assume they will always be there, and while sometimes that is true usually it is not. A friendship, like any relationship, is like a plant. You need to tend to it, care for it, work at it.

Friendships require regular maintenance in order to flourish. A phone call here, a coffee get together there. Even a simple text. It all adds up. An untended friendship gathers dust and crumbles, falling to the wayside as both parties slowly let it fall down the list of priorities. The worst are one-sided friendships. The ones where one person does all the work: organizing get-togethers, reaching out, remembering important dates. Those friendships breed resentment, which spreads like a cancer and slowly kills the whole relationship. Finally the overworked party gives up, tunes out, stops putting in the effort and the whole thing falls apart like a house of cards.

So pick up your phone or open your laptop. Reach out to that person you want to reconnect with. Make time for them, and for your friendship. We will all die someday, so make the effort before it is too late. Give that thirsty plant a drink of water.