Sweet Tributes

Little Ghosts and Ghouls
shriek with glee, demand tribute.
Bags full of candy.

Halloween is nearly here, the time of year when we take out our vampire capes, dust off our witch hats and embrace the darkness. Children will run shrieking through the streets, banging on doors and demanding sweet tributes. On this one night, we indulge them, not only tolerating the intrusion on our time but encouraging it. We decorate our homes to welcome them, and when they arrive we compliment their imaginations and their handiwork.

We fill their bulging bags with candy, and when it grows too late the small monsters, witches, ghouls, and ghosts make their way back home. When they cross the threshold they transform back into children and the gluttony is tempered. Parents dutifully gather up the bounty of candy so it can be rationed appropriately, a small treat or a tiny sweet after dinner or tucked safely into a lunch box. 

As dawn breaks the world returns to normal. We no longer welcome strange creatures onto our doorsteps, plying them with sweets and a chance to show off. We take down the decorations, throw away the Jack o’ Lanterns and erase all traces of that magical night.

Then we wait. Only 364 days to go.