NaNoWriMo Update – Day 29

Today was another long day, but a good one. After finishing up a bunch of paid writing for various clients I hammered out another 1007 words. This brings my novel’s total word count up to 78,975 and my NaNoWriMo word count up to 53,273.

These last few days have been exhausting, and though I have really enjoyed doing NaNoWriMo I’m also looking forward to this weekend when I plan to do absolutely no writing what so ever.

Out of curiosity I checked my FreshBooks today and tallied how much time I had spent on my novel. Now, I am the first to admit that I did not keep the best records for this project so my tally is imperfect at best. I came up with the initial premise for this book on May 14, 2018. Interestingly enough I crafted my three main characters, and the basic storyline, as a throwaway example for this post.

I haven’t tracked all of the time I spend thinking about my novel while doing things like commuting, washing dishes, or doing laundry or other housework, and I haven’t tallied the countless hours my boyfriend and I continue to spend discussing and dissecting my book. But, as a rough tally, I have currently spent 140 hours on this novel. I didn’t start tracking my hours on this until last August, but even then it doesn’t seem like that much time. Even if that 140 hours only happened in the last four months that is still only 35 hours per month, or about 1.17 hours per day (assuming an average of 30 days in one month). NaNoWriMo definitely skewed those numbers, but that isn’t the lesson I’m getting at.

I hear so many people say “Oh, I would never have time to write a novel” and to be perfectly honest I use to be one of them. My goal isn’t to shame people for not putting in the effort. Instead, I want to show you that just a little bit of time each day really adds up. Even half an hour per day really adds up over time, so if you have that great idea and want to turn in into something then go for it.

Give yourself the gift of 30 minutes of writing per day and see where it takes you. I promise the journey will be worth it.