Novel Update

I know I haven’t updated this site in… many months. I’ve been hard at work on my novel, splitting my time between my passion and my day job. However, last week I finally hit my first big milestone: I finished the first draft of my novel.

To celebrate I got a copy printed at Staples. 322 pages (double spaced, double sided). It fills me with joy, even as I began editing my first chapter practically before the ink was dry.

I hadn’t really done a proper edit yet, though I did go run everything through Grammarly (which is a helpful if imperfect tool). Now I look back on my first few chapters and realize how much I have grown since I first penned those words.

An author is always their toughest critic, but now I see how my descriptions started out so bare-bones, how despite my efforts I still have a few exposition dumps, and how my dialogue feels stilted and flat.

However, I also realize that this is only a first draft. This is the scaffolding that will (hopefully, after a few tweaks) support my fleshed out and finished novel.

I probably won’t be updating this blog again for a while, but I will do my best to record my major milestones here.