Olduvai Gorge

Tools litter the ground.
All that remains of the dead?
No, we were born here.

Inspired by my Anthropology professors and all that they taught me. Olduvai Gorge, located in Tanzania,  is one of the most important archaeological sites ever found. It was home to Homo habilis (approximately 1.9 million years ago) and later Paranthropus boisei (1.8 million years ago), Homo erectus (1.2 million years ago) and finally Homo sapiens (17,000 years ago). This site reveals the increasing social and developmental complexities of our ancestors, mostly through a large collection of stone tools.


I know I am real,
but of nothing else I am sure.
Do you exist too?

Inspired by Solipsism, the philosophical idea that your own mind is the only thing you can be sure actually exists.