Writing Services

I have always loved writing, ever since I wrote my first short story as a child. When you pick up a pen (or place your fingers on a keyboard) you are not just marking letters on a page. You can teach someone how to do something, you can take them to a brand new world or you can share your experiences with them. When you write you begin a transformative process, changing yourself and changing the people who read your work.

I love writing in all its various forms, from the most technical of manuals to a whimsical story. This love of writing has lead me to expand my skills so that they encompass writing in many of its forms. This passion drives me to improve my skills every day and helps me work with my clients to create the documents they need. I have experience writing and editing a large variety of documents including:

Technical Documentation

  • Writing technical user manuals
  • Writing instruction manuals
  • Working with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts)
  • Conducting needs analyses

Academic Documents

  • Writing academic papers
  • Conducting research

Marketing Content

  • Writing Marketing Content
  • Editing Marketing Content
  • Matching a variety of voices
  • Following style guides


  • Editing technical documents
  • Editing marketing copy
  • Editing creative writing pieces (novels, short stories, scripts, etc.)


  • Developing story outlines
  • Crafting characters
  • Writing engaging prose

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